Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zen Poem: Song to Awaken the World

by Luodian, Ming Dynasty Scholar (who became a monk)
(Transl. from Chinese original)

With zeal and toil you seek in haste,

Warm and cold, spring fades into fall.

Work for a living day and night,

Blind and clueless we’ve turned grey.

Who’s right or wrong—can it ever end?

When will worries ever cease?

The Path ahead is clear and straight,

Yet few are those who’ll cultivate.

Zen Poem: 醒世詩 明.狀元 羅殿



Zen Poem: Rice Sprout Song

by Chan Master Gaofeng
(trans. from Chinese original)

Plant the rice field with green sprouts

Bow down and see in water the sky

To purify the six roots is the Way

To retreat is to go forward.

Zen Poem:《插秧偈》 高峰老人