Sunday, November 21, 2010

How the Dharma Support Association functions

The teachings of the Buddha (Dharma) transcend culture, language, and time boundaries. In order to make the path to awakening accessible to all sentient beings, the Sangha and the lay disciples have different roles and responsibilities. The role of the Sangha is to uphold and teach the Dharma. The role of the lay disciples is to learn, practice, and support the Sangha. With strong support, the Sangha community can grow and more people can benefit from the Dharma.

The Dharma Support Association of Buddha Mind Monastery is comprised of the lay people of Buddha Mind Monastery. Members of the Dharma Support Association provide support through their donations as well as by volunteering at the Monastery.  Members help the Monastery in many ways, such as maintaining the buildings, cultivating the gardens, working in the kitchen and reception hall, and preparing for ceremonial events.

Through service, members of the Dharma Support Association learn to work harmoniously with others, practice tolerance, patience, and compassion, (all virtues that are the core of Chan practice), thereby developing the Chan state of mind and further extending and applying it toward everyday life. Volunteers accumulate blessings, experience the profound joy of helping others, and play a part in helping the Sangha to propagate the Dharma. It is the Bodhisattva way of benefiting oneself while helping others.  If you wish to volunteer or offer your special talents at the monastery, please let us know!

Without your support, the Sangha community is not complete.
With your help and support, Buddha Mind will grow and help all sentient beings attain true wisdom and happiness.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sweet Dew of Grand Master Wei Chueh:

“The Principle of Causality (cause and effect) in Buddhism actually teaches us to depend on our own diligent efforts. If we understand our life then we can direct our life. If you can perceive these truths clearly, then you can understand your fate and create/establish your fate.”