Saturday, May 5, 2007

Report of Grand Opening Purification and Consecration Ceremony at Buddha Mind Monastery

Buddha Mind Monastery is located in Oklahoma, a state in the middle of United States. As the Grand Master Ven. Wei Chueh has great compassionate vows to liberate all sentient beings from suffering, the Buddha Mind Monastery was established in 2004. American practitioners, immigrants and students from Taiwan, China or Vietnam who were interested in Buddhism came to the monastery. Coinciding with the centennial of Oklahoma, dharma practitioners invited the Abbot of Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Ven. Master Jian-Deng to preside the Grand Opening Purification and Consecration Ceremony (GOPCC) on May 5. Soon after, there was also a Ceremony of Transmitting Three Refuges.

On May 5, approximately one hundred and fifty people including Masters from various Zen Centers in the United States, honorable guests and dharma supporters joined the ceremony. At 9:30am, GOPCC began with chanting the Buddha name. Representative, Ms.De Lang, held the incense tray to receive the Abbot of Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Ven. Master Jian-Deng. All the proceedings were in English translations.

During his dharma talk in the ceremony, Ven. Master Jian-Deng said, “Although there are east, west, north and south in a place; there are men, women, old and young ages for human, we all have a common ultimate goal, i.e. ‘to hope for things to happen as one wishes.’ How do we attain this goal? We can assess this goal through the following three aspects:

First, from material aspect; we have sufficient daily food to sustain us, such as firewood, rice, cooking oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea. Second, from spiritual aspect; we are able to increase our knowledge and education levels, join artistic and leisure activities. Third, from moralistic mind aspect; the mind is fully peaceful. This level includes the other two levels. When people know their minds, they are in charge of their lives.”

Ven. Master Jian-Deng continued, “The essence of Buddhism is to help people recognize their true mind. This present mind is innate. You don’t have to search from outside. Although everyone has their Buddha nature, why are people unhappy with their lives? That is because they don’t know the difference between the true nature and functionality.

All things change; they are impermanent. Everything follows the principles of dependent origination, the laws of causality. If we wish our dreams come true or see good results, we need to cultivate good merits and increase our blessings. We should let our minds function in a good and constructive way.

If we pay attention, we notice that the ability of the mind to see and hear remains constant and unchanged. If you understand this true nature, you will have the wisdom of right view. Buddha is the awakened one, highest in merits and wisdom. If sentient beings keep on practicing until one hundred percent, they will become Buddha.

There are almost one hundred and eight Zen Centers from Chung Tai Chan Monastery around the world. Five are in the United States and keep on increasing. The goal of Zen Center is to help people purify their minds and lead a better life. When you practice diligently and encourage families and friends to cultivate merits and increase blessings, peace in the world will come true.”

After the ceremony, in order to celebrate this auspicious day, dharma practitioners performed three shows. First was the English drama named “The Story of Buddha’s Birthday,” which was played by fifteen students from the Meditation and Mandarin Learning classes. In order to fit into the historical context, Indian costumes and Indian music were utilized. This drama was very successful and lots of audiences were moved by it. Next two items were Buddhist hymns singing and Chinese prose reading. Everyone felt the joy of Buddhism and the beauty of Chinese characters.

Under the blessings of the Triple Gem(Buddha, Dharma and Sangha)and everyone’s support, the GOPCC was very successful. During the fourty-five days of preparation, many dharma supporters were deeply involved. They hoped the honorable guests from Taiwan or from other cities would learn more about Buddha Mind Monastery. We appreciated Grand House, Ms.Tinny Chang and everyone’s help very much. Besides, Old Time Buffet, New China Restaurant, Taj Indian Cuisine and many dharma supporters have helped cooked delicious vegetarian meals for this great event. Thanks a lot.

“The Buddha mind includes all the dharmas, the water of Zen flows three thousand realms.” Masters of Buddha Mind Monastery follow the great compassionate vow of Ven. Wei Chueh. They propagate Zen methods to Oklahoma and promote the connection between the east and west cultures. We hope that the sentient beings in this land, through Buddhism practice, will be free from vexations and reap bodhi fruits.





第一、 物質層面開門七件事: 柴米油鹽醬醋茶等日常生活所需不虞匱乏。

第二、 精神層面知識教育提升,參與藝術及休閒生活。

第三、 心靈道德層面心靈達到圓滿平和,這已涵蓋上述兩個層面。當掌握心靈,就掌握了全部的生活。


一切事物都會變化,這是無常的。任何事情也都符合因果法則,我們希望有如意的人生,美好的結果,就需修善積福,讓這念心起善的作用。而觀察能見能聞的這念 心不會因時空而改變,這就了解本質,體會正知正見的智慧。佛陀是福德及智慧圓滿的覺者,如果大眾都能修福修慧,達到百分之百,就能成佛。


法會結束之後,為慶祝這殊勝的日子,許多居士發心節目表演。首先是各級禪修班及華語班學員學員,以英文演出「佛陀誕生的故事」舞台劇。為讓戲劇更加傳神, 在服裝道具及音樂方面,大量採用印度風格。這一齣近十五位演員的戲劇引發極大的震憾及回響,這都是所有參與人員共同發心的成果。接下來是佛曲演唱及散文朗 讀,讓大眾在歡喜的氣氛中體會佛法的活潑及中國文字之美。

法會圓滿成功之背後都是三寶護佑及大眾的護持,在這一個半月的籌備期間,護法居士參與各項準備工作,希望從台灣、美國各州及當地來參加法會的人士,更加認識佛心寺的發展近況。特別感謝Grand House,梁遵燕大德及各級禪修班學員發心成就此次殊勝的法會,也感恩 Old Time Buffet, New China Restaurant, Taj Indian Cuisine及護法居士贊助素食餐點。


Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Year New Wish

We promote the Zen practice and propagate the Zen Buddhism at the Buddha Mind Monastery. While celebrating Chinese New Year, we want to follow the Bodhisattva’s spirit to benefit not only ourselves but also others. Moreover, in order to facilitate better understanding of Eastern and Western culture, we held the New Year Medicine Buddha ceremony and Chinese New Year celebration.

On the day of Dharma ceremony, the weather was sunny with a light breeze. Around 9:00 am, all of the Dharma supporters gathered at the Buddha Mind Monastery. Everyone recited” Medicine Crystal Light Tathagata’s Vow and Merit Sutra” and the sounds of chanting were like from heaven. Master Jian Tai, the Abbess of the Buddha Mind Monastery, gave a Dharma lecture in both Chinese and English to demonstrate the merit and virtue of chanting Medicine Buddha Sutra. The Medicine Buddha makes a great vow to cure the physical illness and eradicate vexations of sentient beings. Only when we have a peaceful mind and healthy body as well as do good deeds, will our inherent wisdom manifest naturally.

The New Year Dharma ceremony included offering to the Buddha, for prosperity, and dedication to the deceased. Everyone sincerely offered incense and vegetarian food to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas. With a wish to have nice weather and to handle public affairs smoothly in Oklahoma, now celebrating its centennial, people attending the Dharma ceremony chanted mantras and dedicated the merits to this land. From the diligent practice of everyone, we wish that all Dharma supporters gain blessings and wisdom, and the deceased can transcende to the pure land.

Following the Dharma ceremony, there were many performances and celebration programs. It began with New Year songs in Chinese from eight students of our Mandarin Learning class,followed by Buddhist song choir, nunchakus performances, Tai Chi martial art, electronic piano performance, and Chinese prose. These programs fully showed the rich content of Chinese culture. The performance of “Fairy offers Fortune” by Zweng-Yen Liang reached the most excited period during the Chinese New Year celebration program. She placed her palms together and very sincerely offered to the Buddha. Following her performance was a ribbon dance and distribution of fortune envelops. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the joyful atmosphere of Chinese New Year.

“In the New Year and New Spring, all is new. Every new day should focus on clearing and purifying the Mind. At the right moment, the ancient moon illuminates. From morning till evening, we meet Spring again.” In the New Year, no matter where you are, you should increase your understandings and breakthrough your limitation. If you can be the master of the Pure Mind all the time, then every day is a good day, and every year is a good year.